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When it comes to nail salons business, we know it all; we understand owner’s stress & struggles to run a business. That’s why at T&T Marketing, we created products & services focus to help your business grow, save times & cost effective. We have same questions from owners over the years, why are our prices so cheap compare to other company, and our services are much better, easier to use? Well, it’s a simple answer; we work with you in long term 5-10+ years, not in couple months. Your business is our business; we take pride in helping your business grow, that’s why we don’t need to charge high price. Give us a "30 days FREE trial" and that will be the best investment you ever made.

All-in-one system: Smart POS + Customer Care + Marketing System

#1 system for nail salons, easy to use, works with all merchant.

  • $69/month, unlimited customers, 90 days money back guaranteed.

  • Everything is automatic, owners don't need to do anything, the system is design to save times and help business grow.

  • Mỗi thợ sẽ có app riêng trên phone, thợ tự dò sổ trên phone, chủ không cần lo lắng thiếu tiền cuối ngày. Tiệm không cần print daily report.

  • Shop can use 1 - 2 iPads or Tablets.

  • Smart POS system (Easy check out, auto assign turn, auto payroll.)

  • Increase good reviews.

  • Smart point reward system.

  • Auto remind customers coming back.

  • Send text coupons.

  • Online booking appointment.

  • FREE with marketing & advertising package.

  • FREE with credit card merchant (Limited availability.)


SMART Advertising Campaign

Stop wasting time and money on ads campaigns that aren’t working for you. Call us today, a full service digital marketing agency that helps awesome business drive growth, we are happy to offer a full line-up of services dedicated to your brand. We are currently helping thousands salons owners double, triple income & extend their businesses.

  • $99/month, get more customers in 90 days OR money back guaranteed!!!

  • Only accept 3 salons per Zip Code.

  • Advertise 24/7 on our platform Facebook, Google & Website.

  • FREE check-in system increase good reviews.

  • NO contracts.

nail salons website.jpg

Custom Website Design

  • 5 pages website.

  • Custom logo.

  • Online booking.

  • E-gift purchase.

  • FREE with marketing & advertising package.

  • FREE with customer care system.


Digital Price List Display

  • $50 one time fees, no monthly fees.

  • TV display price list.

  • Phone display price list (QR code scan.)

  • NO monthly fees.

  • FREE with merchant service.

  • FREE with customer care system.

credit card merchant.jpg

Credit Card Merchant

FREE card swipe machine for nail salons with the cheapest guaranteed price in the US. If you are going to open a nail salon or are paying too high a fee, please contact us right away to save a lot of money and make the service better. Our merchant services could save business owners an average of $300 per month!

  • Guaranteed low rate.

  • FREE terminal.

  • FREE paper supply.

  • FREE Smart POS + customer care system (Limited availability.)

  • FREE website.

  • FREE digital price list display.

Jennifer Nguyen, Owner

T&T company has transformed my salon from 3 stars rating to 4.5 stars. With their help, my shop went from 6 workers to 18 workers within a year.

Thank you T&T company!

Eddy Tran, Owner

I've tried at least 4 different marketing companies. "T&T Marketing" was my favorite, they are the only company will go out of their way to help my business grow. My business has been growing ever since I switch to them. Highly recommend to all owners!

Linda Dang, Owner

I'm glad I tried them out.  My business was struggling until I gave them a call. I tried their 30 days FREE trial and I love it. Their marketing systems are very easy to use, their advertising is bringing my business new customers daily.

Thank you T&T Marketing.



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