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5 common mistakes for Nail Salons using

POS system

  1. Paying $400-$2000 for POS system just to check out, when owner can use FREE merchant + FREE book keeping software or app.

  2. Paying monthly fees on POS system doesn't have customer care management & marketing feature.

  3. Nail Salons doesn't need to select items or menu list to check out. It takes longer time compare to FREE terminal.

  4. Owners cannot switch merchant to get lower rate using same POS system, owners must buy new system.

  5. NOT compatible on mobile when owners are away.

All-in-one POS + Customer care + marketing system

#1 system for nail salons, easy to use, works with all merchant.

  • Everything is automatic, owners don't need to do anything, the system is design to save times and help business grow.

  • Mỗi thợ sẽ có app riêng trên phone, thợ tự dò sổ trên phone, chủ không cần lo lắng thiếu tiền cuối ngày. Tiệm không cần print daily report.

  • Shop can use 1 or 2 iPads or Tablets.

  • Unlimited customers.

  • Smart POS system (Easy check out, auto assign turn, auto payroll.)

  • Increase good reviews.

  • Smart point reward system.

  • Auto remind customers coming back.

  • Send text coupons.

  • Online booking appointment.

  • FREE with marketing & advertising package.

  • FREE with credit card merchant (Limited availability.)

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