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Smart POS Advance Features

1) NO drop connection, system is very stable. System can take payment offline if shop loses internet.
2) Shop with 100+ workers can use 3 sets, system will all sync together.
3) Increase NEW customers.
4) Increase GOOD reviews.
5) Chia turn; fits all shops setting (By turn, by money, bonus turn, custom turn etc...)
6) Payroll; fits all shop setting (Maximum check payment, pay tips in cash daily, percentage deduct etc...)
7) Header display; at closing, system shows all-in-one page (Totals, tips, cash, discounts, gift purchases etc...)
8) Owner & Tech App can track total, tips & appointments anywhere on phone (NO need to write down tickets on paper.)
9) Group check out; check out group in 2-3 clicks.
10) Refund/Void; owners can void transactions in POS, system will automatic refund customer's money and deduct technician's money.
11) Smart Dashboard; display all customers information when they sign in (Customer name, phone #, customer type (New, regular, VIP) appointment time, tech request etc...)
12) Automatic split tips; by even, ratio or custom. Owner doesn't need to adjust tips at closing.
13) Gift card (Tracks all transactions history, total sales, total spend & total remain.)
More advance feature coming....


Who Are We

POS Special Feature Requests


1) QR code, Bar Code gift card feature (DONE)

2) Half turn, bonus turn chia turn feature (DONE)

3) Payroll maximum check (DONE)

4) Tips pay in cash daily (DONE)

5) Tips percentage deduct (DONE)

6) Allow tips feature on Plastic Gift Card (DONE)

7) Custom turn setting $30 = 1 turn, $60 = 2 turn (DONE)

8) Bonus turn count (DONE)


1) Point reward rollover (In Process...)

2) Time stamp for receptionist (In Process...)

3) Daily "clean up" fee auto deduct (In Process...)


1) Fast check out features.

2) Multi tasking dashboard.

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