Welcome to T&T Marketing, the company that helps your business reach the TOP. When it comes to nail salons business, we know it all; we understand owner’s stress & struggles to run a business. That’s why at T&T Marketing, we created products & services focus to help your business grow, save times & cost effective. Your business is our business; we take pride in helping your business grow. Give us a try and that will be the best investment you ever made.

LUX POS + Customer Care + Marketing

  • Lux POS System is 3x faster than regular POS on market. Lux POS designed for EASY to use, SAVE times & HELP business grow. It has all features for your salon needs including;

  • FAST check out & secure (Auto turn, check out & auto split tips in less than 1 minute.)

  • "NO internet, NO problem" SMART POS can take payment offline.

  • SMART customer care (Nhận diện khách khó, khách dễ, khách cũ & khách mới.)

  • SMART turn system (Bonus turn, half turn, by turn & by money.)

  • SMART Tech App (Each worker will have app to track appointment, total $ & tips...)

  • SMART point reward.

  • SMART social media marketing.

  • SMART booking appointment (Single or group booking, NO double booking, confirm & reminder.)

  • Gift cards.

  • Increase good reviews.

  • Send text coupons (Promotions, birthday, holidays ect...)

  • We can custom BUILD anything you request.

  • More details features.


Customer Care System

  • Nhận diện khách khó, khách dễ, khách mới, khách VIP.

  • Increase good reviews (Google, Yelp, Facebook.)

  • Customer reminder.

  • (Remind customers haven't visit business in many days...)

  • Text coupons, birthday specials, holidays etc...

  • FREE website with smart booking (NO double book, confirm & reminder.)

auto generate review.png

Automatic Generate Reviews

  • Automatic increase GOOD reviews from over 5,000,000 subscribers.

  • 91% customers only visit new business has good reviews an rating.

  • More online reviews = more sales.

  • Good online reviews are free marketing.

  • Online reviews increase your visibility.


Social Media Advertising

  • 24/7 advertising on our platforms.

  • Unlimited campaigns.

  • FREE with any of our service.

credit card merchant.jpg

Credit Card Merchant

  • Whether your business is new on the scene or a fixture in the marketplace, we can help. Our intuitive point-of-sale hardware and software, along with a simplified pricing plan, enable you to affordably accept credit cards and better manage your business.

nail salons website.jpg

Custom Website Design

  • 5-7 pages website.

  • Custom logo.

  • Online booking.

  • E-gift purchase.


Digital Price List Display

  • $50 one time fees, no monthly fees.

  • TV display price list.

  • Phone display price list (QR code scan.)

  • NO monthly fees.

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