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Serving Nail Salon Business

Since 2005

Over 20,000 salons and restaurants use Lux POS to manage and grow their business. Not only do you get the tools you need to scale, but you get the do-it-for-you marketing programs you need to grow — all in one platform.


Lux POS System

  • EASY to use, SAVE times & HELP business grow.

  • Handle 100+ techs no problem.

  • NO internet, NO receptionist, NO problem.

  • Guaranteed NO drop connection.

  • Lux POS System is 3x faster than regular POS on market.

  • FAST check out & secure.

  • Customer care system.

  • SMART turn system.

  • Owner & tech App.

  • Point reward system.

  • Social media marketing.

  • Online/offline booking.

  • Gift cards.

  • Increase good reviews.

  • Send text coupons.

  • FREE professional website.

  • 24/7 social media advertising.

  • Manage social media.

  • and many more...

  • More details features.

Beat QR iPad.jpg

Customer Care System

  • QR code or iPad check in.

  • Nhận diện khách khó, khách dễ, khách mới, khách VIP.

  • Increase good reviews (Google, Yelp, Facebook.)

  • Customer reminder (Remind customers haven't visit business.)

  • Text coupons, birthday specials, holidays etc...

  • FREE website with smart booking (NO double book, confirm & reminder.)


Booking System

  • Owner App manage booking

  • Tech App manage booking

  • Online/offline booking

  • NO double booking

  • Automatic confirm

  • Auto text reminder

  • Many more...

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SEO Service

  • Accept only 3 salons per Zip Code.

  • Help your business rank TOP 3 Google.

  • 100% guaranteed result.

  • 100% money back.


Credit Card Merchant

  • Whether your business is new on the scene or a fixture in the marketplace, we can help. Our intuitive point-of-sale hardware and software, along with a simplified pricing plan, enable you to affordably accept credit cards and better manage your business.

nail salons website.jpg

Custom Website Design

  • 5-7 pages website.

  • Custom logo.

  • Online booking.

  • E-gift purchase.


Brochure Price List

  • FREE brochure price list design.

  • QR code scan.

Mila Nail Bar
Blum Nail Bar
Com Ga Houston
Paris Banh Mi
The Nail Bar
Smile Corners Dental
Gao Fresh Noodles
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