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We CARE about your business

We've been there and done it

We'll make you more money



  1. NO internet, NO power, NO receptionist, NO problem (Only available with Lux POS)

  2. iPad POS + Clover system (Handle 60+ techs, NO wire, NO scanner, NO keyboard)

  3. NO drop connection, NO double charge (STRESS - FREE guaranteed for owners)

  4. Super Fast System (5x faster than Windows or Android POS, fast touch screen)

  5. We can build any special feature you request (Only available at

  6. Automatic turn system (Chia turn theo số thứ tự bàn ghế. Turn by turn, money, half turn & bonus turn. Booking or request half turn. 100% correct turn count.)

  7. Automatic payroll (Commission, guaranteed, supply fee, deduct tips % if pay in cash daily, option for owner to keep tips change (tiền lẻ của tip) and more…)

  8. Online/offline booking (Live sync, NO double booking, confirm & reminder)

  9. Customer care features (Identify customers - New, at risk, regular & VIP)

  10. Advance check-out mode (The best feature build to grow your business)

  11. Easy & Simple check-out mode (Faster checkout, NO customer history)

  12. 24/7 social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google & Website)

  13. Send SMS text (Send holidays or birthday text, automatic reminder)

  14. Customer referral program (Giúp tiệm tăng lượng khách nhanh)

  15. Professional website (Custom logo, online gift, online booking)

  16. Owner & tech phone App (Manage totals & booking)

  17. Increase GOOD reviews (Yelp, Google & Facebook)

  18. Manage Social Media (Upload images & posting)

  19. Manage Google page (Posting & reply reviews)

  20. Gift card (Certificate or plastic card)

  21. 24/7 support (Fast & reliable)

  22. And many more…


Choose Your Package We Deliver

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