1) Set up system.

2) Daily routine open & closing system.

3) How to Add/Remove service.

4) How to Add/Remove technician.

5) How to set up tech app on phone.

6) Chia turn, check out, group check out

7) How to book appointment.

8) How to set shop & tech appointment ON/OFF

9) How to check out product & gift.

10) How to do payroll.

11) How to fix TODAY ticket.

12) How to fix PREVIOUS DAY ticket.

13) How to set up Check-in system services.

14) How to send text coupons & advertise social media.

15) How to redeem points & birthday discount.

16) How to Refund/Void transaction.

17) How to handle dispute/chargeback.

18) How to reconnect Smart POS to Clover.

19) How to reboot Clover.

20) How to activate gift card.